Smart Casual Style Edits

TV/Film style edits completed by the Replayed team

Ali Korsan

Smart Casual Style Edits

TV/Film style edits completed by the Replayed team

Chupa Chups

3D modeling and editing fully completed in house by Replayed

Final promo: https://twitter.com/EXCEL/status/1383012293911404546

We had to solve a complicated problem, as you can see from above, not only is an accurate simulation of crumpling plastic a challenge, it doesn't exist, there has only been one paper on the subject: http://graphics.berkeley.edu/resources/ARCSim/ and while this would have worked, it's a scientific simulation model, so it would not render out well, in addition to being very complicated and only for non profit use.

Documentary style edits

Social media promotion

Fun ‘internet style’ content

Demonstration video

After partnering with Replayed, the super talented creators shown above have been able to develop and maintain a reliable upload schedule and workflow - allowing them to rest and concentrate on new videos as we take care of the editing!

We’ve seen a channel triple its average view count in a matter of months, and Adi Fishman, a Replayed OG, skyrocketed from 170,000 subscribers to over 2 million within a year.

With regular collaboration and an editing team available 24/7 to answer any questions, we are also able to match and develop a creator’s editing style to a tee!

But don’t take our word for it, check out our creators’ YouTube channels or head on over to replayed.co to see how much YouTubers and their audiences love our work!

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